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     Hello everyone, I am Lewis Mendoza!

  • Started Fitness training in 2009

  • Certified in:Personal Trainer|Yoga| Nutrition|Senior Citizen Training    

  • Experienced in strength and power programs, endurance programs, 10+ years.

  • Degree in Business.

  • Played College football division II & semi pro Football.  Involved in track, baseball, & swimming in high school.

  • Multi-cultural, African & Caribbean. Bilingual English and Spanish.

  • NYAT’s quote:“Think outside the room where the box is placed at.”



  • Follow my passion in helping others achieving their fitness goals and healthy lifestyle.


  • Help you improve as a person in health, physique, and self confidence.

  • Bringing the motivation to empower you to accomplish every rep, set, workout, nutrition plan, short and long term fitness goals.


  • Lifestyle change for a better YOU.


  • Dedication, energy, personality, and determination is the NOT AVERAGE factor.


  • Building a strategic nutrition plan to make it enjoyable to eat healthier and get all the nutrients you need.


  • Teach and execute all types of workout training: weight lifting, isometric, calisthenics, plyometrics, interval training, and more.


         offers a variety of services.

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We understand that everyone have different goals, and schedules. NYAT offers a selection of packages to best fit your fitness needs, with a wide range of services; Nutrition plans, yoga, meditation,  workouts  and stretching programs. Feel free to email us @
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